Repeat youth rapist walks free

31 Oct 2008 9:50 AMJann Stuckey

31 October 2008

A 17 year-old youth found guilty of sexually abusing three teenage sisters walked free from the Cairns District Court this week despite having a previous conviction for raping a three-year-old toddler.

LNP child safety spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said the youth, who was under Department of Child Safety supervision when he raped the toddler, was recklessly placed back into foster care by the Department where he sexually abused the three sisters.

“The Bligh government should never have allowed this youth to be placed back in foster care alongside the three teenage girls,” Mrs Stuckey said.

LNP justice spokesman Mike Horan said Labor’s soft-on-crime policies were clearly failing.

“That’s why the LNP this week introduced legislation to remove ‘detention as a last resort’ from the Juvenile Justice Act and replace it with ‘detention where appropriate’ to compel judges to send the likes of this young rapist to prison and to undertake rehabilitation,” Mr Horan said.

Mrs Stuckey said she understood the young rapist was taken into the foster home with the girls on the strict condition he receive specialised counselling from the Department of Child Safety.

“Placing a youth who had already raped a child back into foster care with young girls was the last thing that should have occurred,” Mrs Stuckey said.

“This Government has again failed children in care. The Minister must explain what happened to the intensive counselling that was promised and moreover why a convicted rapist was placed with three young girls under the same roof.”

Mr Horan said the young rapist should be in detention, not out on the streets.

“There is ample evidence that shows juvenile sex offenders who go untreated very often end up as adult sex offenders.

“The system that’s operating and failing under the Bligh government needs a serious overhaul to stop dangerous repeat juvenile rapists walking free from court.”

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