Resident’s desal woes left in limbo by Ministers

16 Jul 2009 2:16 PMJann Stuckey

16 July 2009

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP has accused the Bligh Government of once again neglecting Tugun residents as two Labor Ministers refuse to accept responsibility for the current situation at Tugun Desalination Plant.

In today’s Estimates hearing Minister Robertson said responsibility for the project rests with Minister Hinchliffe until completion of the commissioning phase and formal handover which will not happen for some time.

Yet Minister Hinchliffe told Ms Stuckey on June 20 that any future questions on the Tugun Desalination Plant were to be referred to Minister Robertson.

“These Ministers are either not in control of this situation or are refusing to accept any responsibility while anxious residents are left in limbo, not knowing where to turn for help with their claims for damaged property,” said Ms Stuckey.

“Now we hear the plant is running at full capacity of 133ML for a test period of 30 days and has been doing so for about a week which would indicate it is still under the responsibility of Minister Hinchliffe who flicked it almost a month ago.

“Residents deserve to be treated better than this after all they have been through. They deserve some straight answers, and not bounced between two Ministers who don’t want to accept any responsibility.

“In what amounts to some of the most appalling buck-passing I have seen from this Government, residents with genuine concerns about damage to their properties have been left in a twilight zone while Ministers reveal their incompetence and disregard for local citizens.”


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