Residents Deserve Truth about Tugun Desalination plant

14 Jan 2009 2:16 PMJann Stuckey

14 January 2009

Ongoing delays with the Tugun Desalination plant opening are a slap in the face for the residents of the southern Gold Coast and in particular those who live in the Tugun area says member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey.

‘Recent news that faulty pipes and water valves along with signs of corrosion will prevent operation of the plant to supply water highlight the incompetency of the Bligh government  to manage large infrastructure projects efficiently’, said Ms Stuckey.

‘Only a few months ago, we witnessed roads in Tugun lifting when the pipe valves were tested under pressure and failed. This was followed by the Desal Open Day, which Ms Bligh attempted to fob off as the official opening of the plant.

’40 megalitres of water were meant to flow through the pipes from November 30 2008. This was re-announced to occur on 15th January and now we are told we will have wait even longer.

‘Acting Premier, Mr Paul Lucas, has said he has cancelled the official commissioning that was meant to be tomorrow, yet to the best of my knowledge no invitations were ever sent.

‘You really have to wonder how long the government has known that the plant would not be ready on time? Or are they so incompetent that they did not bother to monitor the progress of this billion dollar project.

‘It is very convenient that Ms Bligh is still on holidays and left her Deputy Premier, Mr Lucas to deal with this mess.

‘It is time for residents, who have suffered from dirt, noise and disruption for over two years, to hear the truth. They do not deserve another charade where Ms Bligh gets to strut about in a hard hat.

‘By stretching out the real opening with a string of media stunts to boast about what her government are doing, Ms Bligh has misled the public to get on TV across the State and fool Queenslanders that her government are good economic managers.

‘The Bligh government should be getting to the bottom of the problem and accepting some responsibility instead of using excuses of ocean swells and electricity blackouts’, said Ms Stuckey.

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