Residents Rally to Fight Elanora Hooning

21 Feb 2012 5:02 PMJann Stuckey

21 February 2012

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP called a meeting last weekend with angry Elanora residents after a series of speeding and hooning events in local streets.

“Residents in Murtha Drive and surrounding streets are fed up with drivers hooning around their area, reeking havoc and endangering lives on a regular basis,” Ms Stuckey said.

“In 2005 two teenagers tragically lost their lives when a young driver lost control of the speeding vehicle and crashed.

“This event was uppermost in resident’s minds again just two weeks ago when a speeding driver lost control of his vehicle and careered off a roundabout into a bus shelter.  While the driver was uninjured the accident could easily have caused fatalities had innocent people been present.

“After calls to my office from concerned residents, I sent letters to several hundred households in the area inviting them to meet with me and discuss options to address this serious and ongoing issue.

“Around 40 residents attended the meeting on Saturday afternoon in Bill Thomson Park on Murtha Drive.

“Senior Constable Kurt Foessel from the Elanora Police Beat who has been investigating various methods of curbing this behaviour was in attendance and told residents what police activities he had undertaken with available resources.

“Residents also proposed suggestions, including installing CCTV cameras, more signage, redesigning roundabouts, constructing speed humps, night-time police patrols and getting more coverage of the issue in the local media to deter hoons.

“Attendees also signed a petition calling on the Gold Coast City Council to urgently provide ongoing traffic calming for the area and undertake an assessment for a speed camera site.

“I fully support all of these suggestions and will work closely with our local police and residents to determine the best possible options to deter hoons and keep our streets safe.

“A number of residents were pleased to utilise my Hoon Watch forms – an initiative I started in 2008 to allow for easy reporting of details of hooning to be passed directly on to our local police.

“It was agreed a follow-up meeting would be held in 3 to 4 weeks time. I applaud the Elanora community for coming together to protect residents’ safety.