Schwarten admits not planning for the future

6 Oct 2010 3:34 PMJann Stuckey

6 October 2010

Robert Schwarten’s rambling abuse in Queensland Parliament cannot disguise the fact he has presided over another late IT project.

Shadow Minister for Public Works and ICT Jann Stuckey said the almost $300 million IDES email and identity project is another in a long line of IT projects this Minister had failed to deliver on-time and on budget.

“In 2009, the Minister clearly stated that, “While the tender process is six months behind schedule it will not impact on the completion date of 2010.”

“In Parliament today, the Minister claimed this project will not be ready until 2012 — six years after he first announced it. 

“It’s no wonder the Minister refused to answer an estimates questions about his previously promised deadline.”

Ms Stuckey said machinery of government changes were initially blamed for the delayed tender process; however the Minister promised this would not impact on the 2010 completion date. 

“Today Robert Schwarten changed his story, blaming these changes for the delay.

“This isn’t surprising considering the Minister would rather blame and attack his colleagues, the industry and the media rather than admit his failings.

“This is a Minister with a proven track record of forging ahead with IT projects without testing them correctly. 

“Queenslanders know they cannot trust anything Robert Schwarten says — after all he is renowned for welching on the bet he made with 4BC when the last major IT project he oversaw went horribly wrong.”
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