Schwarten oversees another delayed IT project

5 Oct 2010 3:57 PMJann Stuckey

5 October 2010

Another IT project overseen by Robert Schwarten has suffered significant delays, with the LNP cautioning it could be a disaster the same magnitude of the payroll crisis in the making.

LNP ICT spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said the vision of a $297 million whole-of-Government email, identity management and directory service was rapidly unraveling with the Minister unable to say when it will be ready.

“Like almost every other IT project promised by this long-term Labor Government, the Minister’s promise is a promise that hasn’t been delivered,” Ms Stuckey said.

“I wonder who Robert Schwarten will try to blame this time.
“The IDES project was meant to see about 80,000 email accounts and up to 250,000 identities migrated to a new system by June 2010.   

“In August last year the Minister said –
‘While the (IDES) tender process is six months behind schedule it will not impact on the completion date of 2010. The significant attention being dedicated to the probity and governance of the project will ensure a successful outcome for Government.’

“One year on, the project has not been completed, the Minister has admitted he can’t meet the December deadline and cannot even guarantee the IDES project will start in June 2011.” 

Ms Stuckey said Minister Schwarten’s track record was so poor, Queenslanders couldn’t trust a word he said about IT programs.

“Just like the bungled Queensland Health payroll system, the computer program at the heart of this project requires heavy modification.

“This project has much in common with the payroll disaster — the high cost, the significant changes to the program, the delays and complexity.

“Now we learn that John Parker, the IDES Program Director since 2007 has left before completion of this project. The question has to be asked did he jump ship or was he pushed?

“If Minister Schwarten cannot oversee his department and the roll-out of these IT projects then he should stand aside and stop telling Queensland taxpayers lies about the delivery of this multimillion dollar program.”

Fast Facts –
• The Identity, Directory and Email Services (IDES) program is a whole-of-Government program to deliver a centralised email, identity management and authentication service for the Queensland Government.
• In November 2007 CITEC announced the $297 million program would be implemented by June 2010.
• QON 1343 asked on August 5 this year revealed Queensland Treasury hasn’t signed up for the IDES program, Corrective Services has an outstanding memorandum and Queensland Transport had only notified their intent to be involved in 2008.