Schwarten’s German jaunt fails to deliver SAP project

1 Mar 2010 11:41 AMJann Stuckey

The Bligh Labor Government’s much vaunted Shared Service Initiative is no closer to completion despite an overseas jaunt by Information and Communication Technology Minister Robert Schwarten.

Shadow Minister for Public Works Jann Stuckey said Minister Schwarten had failed to capitalise on a visit to German software provider SAP to help get the long struggling program up and running.

“This is a program Labor has been attempting to implement since 2004, with an original target date of 2008,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Whenever a deadline has loomed, Labor has chosen to ‘revise the program’ and announce a new completion date.

“Queensland Health staff had claimed a go live date in 2006.

“Four years later, and with over $180 million dollars spent, we appear no closer to a working replacement system.

“This project has been shambolic from the start.

“What was originally meant to be a single pay-roll system, has now been ‘revised’ to maintaining four or five separate systems instead.

“SAP has said their involvement in the Queensland Health program has been more of a governance role.

“Why hasn’t the Minister done more to get them directly involved in fixing this project instead merely an undertaking to support the next roll-out phase?

“Even after this taxpayer-funded  overseas jaunt Minister Schwarten still can’t tell us when it will be rolled out, only that modest goals will now be delivered ‘over time’.

“Serious questions should now be asked whether the 10-year SAP contract is living up to its expectations, whether it has satisfied specifications in the tender documents and wether it will still deliver value-for-money.

“The longer this failure continues, the further away this minister will be from delivering on his promised savings.”

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