Schwarten’s procurement policy shambles

7 Oct 2010 3:34 PMJann Stuckey

7 October 2010

LABOR’S Public Works Minister has again exposed his stunning lack of understanding of his own department’s procurement policy.

LNP Shadow Public Works Minister Jann Stuckey said Robert Schwarten’s belief the most expensive item was always the best not only explained Labor’s record debt levels, but also the massive budget blow-outs that plagued every IT project Mr Schwarten presided over.

“The Bligh government’s procurement policy is supposed to seek value for money and purchase with probity and accountability,” Ms Stuckey said.

“It’s telling the Minister did not deny the $20 million contract for the Tropical North Queensland Institute of TAFE, Cairns Campus, was $1.6 million dearer than the nearest rival … such casual regard to cost shows why budget blow-outs are standard under Labor.”

Ms Stuckey said the Minister’s claim his procurement policy focused on promoting Queensland jobs did not pass scrutiny.

“The $120 million State Government Travel contract was awarded to a UK-based travel agency over a Queensland company that employs over 3000 people in Queensland alone.

“The training and administration of the ClimateSmart Home Service scheme has been outsourced to a New South Wales based company instead of being provided by a suitable Queensland based organisation.

“Mr Schwarten’s claim that he is protecting Queensland jobs is absolute nonsense.”