Schwarten’s selective amnesia over QBuild contracts

10 Nov 2009 4:31 PMJann Stuckey

10 November 2009

PUBLIC Works Minister Robert Schwarten would do better to ignore his own rhetoric and spend more time reading his departmental reports.

Shadow Minister for Works Jann Stuckey said Mr Schwarten was being loose with the truth when he accused the LNP in state parliament today of wanting to privatise and disband QBuild.

“Minister Schwarten was so absorbed in his own vitriol and rhetoric that he seems to have momentarily forgotten that in the last three years an average of just over 70 per cent of QBuild’s services have been delivered by private sector contractors,” said Mrs Stuckey.

“The Department of Works Annual Report for 2006/2007 revealed approximately 72 per cent of QBuild sales revenue was delivered by the private sector under contract to QBuild throughout Queensland’s region.

“In 2007/2008 the figure was 68 per cent and in 2008/2009 it was 72.8 per cent.”

Mrs Stuckey said that under Bligh and Labor, Mr Schwarten was already overseeing the privatisation of QBuild by stealth.

“The reality is that QBuild may be owned by the government, but its services are being largely delivered by the private sector,” she said.

“If that’s not the pot calling the kettle black I don’t know what is.”

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