Schwarten’s ‘special green award’ for recycling

11 Jun 2010 12:54 PMJann Stuckey

10 June, 2010

PUBLIC Works Minister Robert Schwarten deserved Labor’s ‘special green award’ with so many of his budget capital spending announcements recycled from last year, the Opposition said today.

LNP public works spokeswoman Jann Stuckey said not only was Minister Schwarten’s budget chock full of recycled announcements from last year, but overall spending on capital works was down by half.

“Recycled announcements aside, the bottom line is capital spending for the coming year has been slashed by over 50 per cent clearly showing Labor cannot fund the projects it has promised,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Over the past 12 months many projects overseen by Mr Schwarten have run behind schedule and corners have been cut on projects including the new government office building in Maroochydore where spending has been slashed by over $12 million.

“The project to install back-up generators at 317 Edward Street Brisbane is badly behind schedule, with only a quarter of the funds for the project in 2009/10 actually spent.

“The Boggo Road Precinct redevelopment, due for completion in 2009-10, is running way behind. It needs another $6.3 million, apparently, and the new government office building in Mareeba was allocated $2 million in 2009-10, but only about a quarter of this was spent leaving the project running behind schedule.”

Ms Stuckey said despite allocating $10.5 million for the new government office building on Thursday Island in 2009-10, only $4.08 million had been spent.

“This week’s budget papers are full of false promises from a failing Minister. The majority of work Mr Schwarten has announced is work not completed from last year.

“These projects are not new and they’re not creating new jobs.

“Mr Schwarten deserves Labor’s special green award for recycling because most of his capital works announcements have been recycled from last year.”

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