Schwarten should read the fine print on NBN

17 Aug 2010 3:50 PMJann Stuckey

17 August 2010

Queenslanders should read the fine print before rushing into believing Bligh and Labor on its ‘opitcal (sic) fibre’ National Broadband Network, the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said Minister Robert Schwarten had let the cat out of the bag about what Labor’s much-vaunted NBN might – or might not – provide. (See attached press release)

“As usual Minister Schwarten makes a lot of noise about Labor’s so-called ICT achievements but the facts don’t ever match the rhetoric,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Let’s just look at Labor’s ICT achievements:

• Project Vista’ – Labor’s previous program high speed broadband that disappeared without a trace.

• Queensland Health payroll – Schwarten’s  $40+ million white elephant that can’t pay health workers correctly, has cost $4+ million since go-live and with no solution in sight.

• Shared Services Initiative – a $900 million turkey that governments across Australia point to as a textbook example of how not to run government IT projects (

“With this track record of ‘achievements’, it is no wonder taxpayers should be dubious about trusting Gillard, Bligh and Labor with their $43 billion NBN promise.

“What Robert Schwarten failed to declare was Labor’s NBN plan will only deliver ‘some fibre coverage’ to listed towns, while ‘many will also receive some wireless coverage’.

“$43 billion dollars is a reckless amount to spend on a project that clearly states in the fine print it will not deliver what the minister promises*.

“Queenslanders have learned the hard way that when Robert Schwarten promises the world, the results fall far short of the promises.”

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*The fine print (emphasis added):  This is an indicative list of towns that will receive some fibre coverage. Many of these towns will also receive some wireless coverage. The list is based on initial detailed modelling work done by NBN Co which may be subject to change following more detailed planning and design work. The fibre modelling is based on NBN Co’s current optical fibre design rules rather than detailed premise and density and may not result in contiguous coverage of all locations within the indicated fibre footprint.