Schwarten shuffles deck chairs with ICT ‘reform’

7 Dec 2009 4:18 PMJann Stuckey

7 December 2009

AFTER six fruitless years attempting to deliver whole-of-government solutions, the Bligh Labor has announced yet another ICT overhaul.

Shadow Minister for Public Works and Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said it was pointless Minister Schwarten announcing a new five-year plan when he still hadn’t delivered the previous one.

“Here we have yet another overhaul of the Labor government’s ICT management while we are yet to see a successful outcome from previous so-called reforms,” said Ms Stuckey.

“For six years this government has failed miserably to deliver whole-of-government corporate applications and infrastructure solutions.”

Ms Stuckey said Minister Schwarten had previously blamed delays in delivering key ICT projects such as the SAP HR system on whole-of-government reforms announced by the Premier after the March state election.

“Now we are seeing another raft of reforms nine months after much heralded changes did not achieve the promised programs and savings.

“The reality is this government has continually failed to deliver announced ICT projects,” she said.

“Minister Schwarten’s solution to disguising uncompleted projects appears to be that when one plan fails, he simply announces another.

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