Schwarten won’t release damning BSA report

15 Sep 2010 12:31 PMJann Stuckey

15 September 2010

The Minister for Public Works Robert Schwarten believes the Building Services Authority (BSA) is so important, he is concealing a report evaluating the statutory body, the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister for Public Works Jann Stuckey said despite a show of chest beating over the merits of the BSA, the Minister had refused to table the Crime and Misconduct Commission’s report into systemic governance issues in the organisation.

“Last November, documents were tabled in Parliament stating the CMC wanted a review of the actions of the BSA and a report stating what had been done to address the systemic issues with the BSA’s corporate structure to be completed by April 19, 2010.

“In May, Mr Schwarten announced a review of the BSA, but failed to mention this requested report.

“On September 2, he claimed that as far as he knew this review had been implemented, but the people of Queensland are yet to see what was in the report.

“I wrote to the Minister on September 3 asking for a copy of the advice the BSA prepared for the CMC, but he has not even acknowledged my correspondence.

“What has the Minister got to hide?”

Significant concerns to be addressed in the report included –

– A lack of policy and procedure to guide decision-making processes
– Deficient and/or inconsistent record keeping processes
– Retention of staff lacking financial qualifications and a lack of structured staff training programs
– The absence of an internal file review system
– A lack of integration of data held by the BSA in relation to individual license holders.
– Possible deficiencies in Financial Requirements for licensing framework with respect to the issue of chronic non-payment of debts.

“I call on the Minister to come clean on the contents of this report and the performance of the BSA.”