Shameful Council Decision to Lock out Wenden family

20 Jun 2011 4:57 PMJann Stuckey

20 June 2011

Member for Currumbin and Shadow Minister for Small Business, Jann Stuckey MP has called on the GCCC to allow the Wenden family to continue operating the Palm Beach pool.

“The Wendens have a terrific reputation for running the biggest, and arguably the best, learn to swim school on the Gold Coast, with some 36,000 participants, as well as adult swim programs.

“News that Gold Coast City Council are not going to renew their contract has upset many locals who consider this pool to be an important part of our community.

“Countless swimmers say the Wenden’s pool is the cleanest council pool in the city. So why has the council decided to turf them out in favour of an interstate company?

“Pool staff and instructors are skilled and experienced and have built a solid relationship with many pool users over the past 34 years.

“All indicators show that Wenden’s are running a good business for the benefit of our community, so why are council stopping them?

“Why are the Wendens being punished for outstanding service? Is this decision to give the tender to a Victorian company just about money?

“Council have kept Wendens waiting for 5 weeks for results of their tender to operate the pool and if it wasn’t for a leaked document, the Wendens wouldn’t have found out their contract was being terminated on 24 June, giving them only 6 days to move out.

“It is a shameful way to treat this family business who have invested so much into our local area and it is a sad day for the Currumbin electorate to lose one of its institutions in this way.

“There are concerns that new management will put fees up, making entry prohibitive to users. 

“Our community is a close knit one and we do not want a large, faceless corporation running our pool.

“I ask Gold Coast City Council to re-consider this decision and support locals jobs and people who know how to run a clean, safe pool.