Shameless Schwarten slashes jobs

5 Oct 2010 2:13 PMJann Stuckey

5 October 2010

Robert Schwarten’s self-claimed title as the worker’s friend took another battering today with the revelation almost 300 jobs had disappeared in just one month from the Department of Public Works (DPW).

LNP Shadow Minister for Public Works and ICT Jann Stuckey raised the job cuts in State Parliament today, after Opposition questioning revealed discrepancies in the department’s staff numbers.

“This is the Minister who boasted ‘he has never sacked someone in his life’ but has allowed almost 300 jobs to be slashed from his department in the space of a few weeks,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Question on Notice 1322 revealed there were 7392 workers employed by the DPW as of July 30, 2010 — a massive decrease from the numbers listed in the 2010-11 Budget Papers, which listed a total of 7685 staff at the end of the 2009-10 financial year.

“Eighty-nine full time positions disappeared from the Department’s services unit and 106 full time positions vanished from its business units — where have these jobs gone?

“Where were the 73 full time jobs from the Shared Service Agency placed in the Public Works sector? It is very concerning that there doesn’t appear to be any trace of them.”

Ms Stuckey said the Minister’s excuse there was some “toing and froing of numbers in the Department” showed Robert Schwarten had little interest in what was going on in his own Department.

“Cutting 300 positions is a big deal — it should be accurately reported in the budget papers, not hidden away.

“If this many jobs have been slashed in the Department of Public Works how many more have been cut by this long-term Labor Government?”