Slow Train to Coolangatta Costing Environment

21 Jan 2010 4:33 PMJann Stuckey

21 January 2010

Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey has challenged the State Government to pull their finger out and fast-track the rail to Coolangatta in the wake of recent news that promised M1 upgrades are being cut short.

“This Labor Government is completely incompetent when it comes to managing and delivering promised transport projects,” said Ms Stuckey.

“Furthermore their supposed commitment to environmental sustainability is a farce.

“This jointly funded project between the Federal and State Governments was meant to widen the M1 from Nerang and Tugun, but only a 4km stretch from Nerang to Worongary will be upgraded.

“We waited nearly twenty years for the Tugun Bypass, and now the Bligh Government is snubbing the southern Gold Coast again.

“The recent expansion of the Gold Coast Airport is proof our city is in vital need of road and infrastructure upgrades to adequately move the 4.6 million visitors passing through the airport each year.

“The Gold Coast is the sixth largest city in Australia and still we are waiting for basic transport upgrades that should have happened years ago. Where else in Queensland is there a population of this size expected to manage with such poor infrastructure?

“The Bligh Government does not even have finalised plans for the extension of the rail line to Coolangatta.

“It’s a bit rich to boast that the Varsity Lakes station opened six months early when it has taken over a decade for this Labor Government to build a single new station.

“All that the recently opened Varsity station has done is take traffic from Robina and transfer it further south.

“The environmental credentials of this Government are appalling. Vehicles are choking the over-stressed M1, pollution is increasing and the rail to Coolangatta is barely on the horizon.

“This Labor Government needs to get its act together. If they will not keep their promise to upgrade the M1, then they must be held accountable to fast-track the rail extension.


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