Sport and Racing not on Minister’s radar

27 Mar 2015 4:42 PMJann Stuckey

Shadow Minister for Sport and Racing, Jann Stuckey MP has raised concerns over Labor’s super-sized portfolios after Bill Byrne, the Minister for Agriculture and Fisheries and Minister for Sport and Racing, failed to mention half of his portfolio in his first address to the 55th Parliament.

“In Minister Byrne’s first address while speaking on a confidence motion for his own Government he avoided any reference to Sport and Racing initiatives,” Ms Stuckey said.

“In contrast the LNP Government recognised Sport and Racing as important industries, providing significant funding and support throughout our three year term.

“During the election campaign the LNP promised ongoing funding through the successful Get in the Game initiative that saw $48 million invested over 3 years.

“Get Started provided $150 vouchers for young people who might not otherwise had the chance to participate in sport.

“In Currumbin alone 508 kids were able to join their local club because of this support.

Get Going gave clubs a small boost in funds allowing them to conduct training session and purchase new equipment, all helping to boost membership numbers.

Get Playing was a landmark initiative that saw the construction of new gyms, multisport facilities and other significant projects across the state.

“On the other hand Labor didn’t announce any policies for these businesses.

“Recreation clubs have already expressed their concern with this government’s failure to guarantee the continuation of this grassroots program.

“It is telling that in our first sitting of the new government that Minister Byrne has already forgotten his ministerial responsibilities extend beyond that of Agriculture and Fisheries.

“Given that no strategies or initiatives were mentioned, the Minister must explain how these sectors can have any confidence in the new Palaszczuk Government.

“I call on Minister Byrne to outline the government’s plan for the sport and racing sectors, and explain how it will support Queensland families.


Contact: Currumbin Electorate Office 55981387