State government funding for safer roads in Currumbin

23 Sep 2014 9:23 AMJann Stuckey State government funding for safer roads in Currumbin

23 September 2014

Currumbin motorists will benefit from $100,000 worth of new safety projects as part of the next round of the Safer Roads Sooner initiative.

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey said the $82 million Safer Roads Sooner program meant a safer journey for parents travelling home to their families.

“We are improving cycle safety on Currumbin Creek Road, a 2km stretch between the Galleon Way and Piggabeen Road intersections” Ms Stuckey said.

“Locals have made it clear they had concerns about the safety of this section of road following a number of incidents and I am pleased to have been able to secure this funding.

“Works will include upgrading existing guideposts with motorcycle friendly guideposts for greater cycle safety and vehicle navigation.

“Speeding motorists will be slowed down with the installation of 2 Vehicle Activated signs, enabling drivers to navigate safely. Motorcycle friendly CAMS on the outside of the tight curve will provide warning/direction for motorists.

“While we currently have the lowest road toll on record, any death on our roads is a tragedy. This is why we have a strong plan to improve roads and ensure a brighter future for people travelling on them.

“These projects will use cost effective, road engineering treatments that address crash hotspots.

“The Safer Road Sooner works are expected to start mid next year and will provide safety benefits for drivers and the community.”

Mr Emerson said the project was among 60 action items this government was delivering as part of the $350 million Road Safety Action Plan to improve safety on our roads and drive down the road toll.

The Road Safety Action Plan also includes other priorities such as $2 million a year for a community road safety fund, on-going roll out of flashing lights at more than 300 schools, safety advertising and licence reforms.


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