Stuckey and Robbins snubbed for desal meeting

21 Jul 2009 11:39 AMJann Stuckey

Release Date 21/7/2009

Despite numerous pleas for help by members of the Tugun Football Club and Currumbin MP Jann Stuckey the Bligh Government have failed to show any interest as they have not visited the sinking site to see the damage first-hand.

Now a hastily cobbled together meeting with the Mayor, Ministers and two members of the struggling club has seen the local councillor and state member denied access to the meeting.

“Why won’t these ministers visit the football club and see the conditions first hand? Why are they preventing the local councillor and I from attending this meeting?

“I have advocated on behalf of the people of Tugun since last year, calling on the Government to guarantee there will be money held back from final construction payments to fix damage to residents’ homes and the football club,” said Ms Stuckey

“On 5th July at the Community Cabinet at Southport I asked Minister Hinchliffe to come down to Tugun and have a look at the sorry state of the football club’s facilities.  Both he and his advisor seemed amenable to my request.

“The next day a protest was held on the football club oval where I took a resolution from the group to set up an urgent meeting with the Minister.  I contacted the minister’s office the very same day.

“Despite repeated emails and phone calls I have heard nothing from the Minister or his office but club President, Scott Swain was contacted for a meeting with Ministers Hinchliffe and Robertson in Brisbane.

“Scott Swain refused to go to Brisbane and said it should be held at the club but the Minister’s office then insisted on the Mayor’s office and with only 2 representatives from the football club.

“Neither the Minister nor his office have had the decency to contact me, leaving me to find out details from locals.

“Perhaps it is because this is a typical Labor approach – deal with serious issues from a distance.

“If there’s not a positive media story and picture they won’t go near.  Premier Bligh has stayed well away from the desal plant this year, yet she milked it for every hard hat opportunity during construction.

“These Ministers and their Government are putting party politics over people’s concerns. To date they have ignored the genuine cry for help when they could have easily stepped in to solve their dilemma.

“A solution for the club’s future must be found and these Ministers have the power to do so, however they appear to be short on political will.”


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