Stuckey Calls for Action to Curb Coolangatta Violence

12 May 2010 1:28 PMJann Stuckey

12 May 2010

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey, has called for less talk and more action to tackle the ongoing issue of assaults and violence in Coolangatta.

“All talk and no action will see regular street violence continue for years to come,” said Ms Stuckey.

“Labor Governments on both sides of the border need to pull their fingers out and provide better support for our Queensland and New South Wales State police officers who face increasingly dangerous situations on their beat.

“Recent reports are once again painting Coolangatta in a negative light, due to weekend youth violence and drunken brawls in the streets of our popular tourist town.  Most of the troublemakers are not from Coolangatta yet the town cops the bad publicity.

“The number of assaults may well have reduced due to diligent policing but the severity of them is much worse and so is the level of drunkenness.

“Crime is a community problem, created by members in the community and it’s time these people behaved better and took some responsibility for their actions.

“We cannot expect our police to fix it on their own.  They need much more assistance from other government agencies, entertainment facilities and the community for their efforts to be sustainable.

“A well meaning cross-border task force has been operating for many years, but what is the point of having it if it lacks any teeth and does not have a strong voice, while the community is up in arms over safety issues?

“Over the years I have supported community petitions for a 24 hour police station for our area as the nearest operational station is Broadbeach.  The LNP has also pledged to increase the number of police officers on the Gold Coast.

“However this is only achievable if the resources are there and I will continue to push our case for greater police resources for the southern Gold Coast to the State Government.

“No single initiative will solve the weekend violence in Coolangatta but there’s been too much talk, inaction and finger-pointing and we need some action.

“Perhaps my tongue-in-cheek suggestion in 2007 of a thug-proof fence at the border to keep the bad guys out wasn’t so silly after all?


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