Stuckey calls for urgent intervention measures to curb youth violence

4 Sep 2009 3:08 PMJann Stuckey

4 September 2009

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP claims the recent Juvenile Justice Amendments Bill highlights the need for early intervention programs and lacks tough measures needed to curb youth violence and detention.

“What the Government have put forward in this legislation is little more than a few band-aid solutions to deal with a very serious and escalating problem,” said Ms Stuckey

“We must act quickly and boldly with intensive intervention programs to save our youth from self destruction.
“Proactive early intervention measures together with appropriate rehabilitation for those who do enter detention are required urgently to avoid more teenagers caught in the revolving doors of the juvenile justice system
“This Government continues to ignore any meaningful attempts at early intervention when we should be focusing on support programs for people as young as primary school age right through to high school and into their early twenties.

“Research shows time and time again that juvenile crime patterns almost always lead to adult offenders.  Bullying leads to aggressive behaviour and can also lead on to criminal actions, but at times leads to victims to commit suicide.

“Time and time again I have called for school-based police officers as a means of crime prevention
and I am pleased to say that we now have a police liaison officer now working with two of our electorate’s largest schools.

“Constable Emily Pike commenced duties in mid July and has already shown the benefit of her presence.  During July Emily apprehended 3 truants lighting fires behind the Currumbin RSL and reports of less fights in school ground are already coming through to my office.

“A tougher stance on serious offences by juveniles couple with early intervention initiatives are needed to minimise this behaviour, but this Labor Government continue to punish youth who commit serious crimes with a mere slap on the wrist. 


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