Stuckey calls on Government to help desal residents

6 Aug 2009 12:58 PMJann Stuckey

6 August 2009

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey has called on the Government to support residents affected by construction of pipelines along the desalination route by demanding an independent engineering Building Inspection Condition Report for them.

“Residents in the Currumbin electorate who live along or adjacent to the Tugun desalination pipeline route have asked me to represent them on the floor of the Queensland Parliament. 

“They are beside themselves with worry and want me to place on record their ongoing grievances with the lack of this Government’s assistance to ensure their damaged properties are restored to pre-desalination plant construction condition.

“Residents are seeking an independent engineering Building Inspection Condition Report be completed on their affected homes and I have asked the Government to ensure this comes at no cost to any people who were offered a pre-construction inspection.

“Despite being offered a pre-construction Building Condition Survey report, none of them who have contacted me have been offered a post-inspection survey.

“Why on earth were these people offered pre-construction reports that were pretty detailed documents in the first place if there was no intention to follow-up?

“Residents are left their own devices to book post-inspections and they tell me they are appalled to find out they are not done on the entire property as they were in the first instance.  Only the parts that residents claim to have altered are inspected, not the entire property as happened in the original survey.
“They want to know why some people’s claims been favoured over others in the same street?  A few people have had repairs done fully, others very partially and others completely refused. 

“Home-owners have been given a range of reasons why their properties are not in the same condition they were in prior to construction of this plant and associated pipelines.

“This is a cruel way to treat people who patiently put up with enormous disruptions over a prolonged period, some even being moved out of their homes for weeks on end.  They are desperate to have their homes restored to pre-construction condition.

“Both the Minister for Natural Resources, Mines & Energy & Trade and the Minister for Infrastructure and Planning have been playing a game of see-saw with these people.

“By behaving in this manner both were able to abrogate their responsibility to their respective portfolios, and, more importantly the citizens of Queensland, namely those in the Currumbin electorate to whom they owe a big apology.

“I stand as a voice for the people of my electorate who put their trust in me to represent them actively.  They feel they have been hung out to dry by this Labor Government whose Ministers have been flipping them between each other to avoid any responsibility.


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