Stuckey Calls on Minister for CWS Hospital Meeting

11 Feb 2010 4:16 PMJann Stuckey

11 February 2010

Jann Stuckey MP, Member for Currumbin, last night called on the Minister for Climate Change and Sustainability to reveal if she had called the urgent meeting she promised regarding the Currumbin Sanctuary and the Wildlife Hospital.

“On January 29 the Minister told media she would seek an urgent meeting with the National Trust of Queensland and the Sanctuary to establish the ‘true financial situation,’” said Ms Stuckey.

“It has been nearly two weeks and I call on her to tell this Parliament if she has contacted either of these bodies yet for this urgent meeting.

“Jonathan Fisher, the CEO of Currumbin Sanctuary, announced there are simply not enough funds to support the crippling $600,000 operating costs arising each year. 

“The Minister has shown how little she values pleas from both the Sanctuary’s CEO and head veterinarian for Government assistance with their very real plight.

“Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary has had to struggle through tough times with downturns in tourism while the Bligh Government refuses to offer any funding at all, despite funding Fleay’s for years.

“Now with the brand new Wildlife Hospital up and running and treating 5,000 injured wildlife, which is a 30% increase on last year, the Bligh Government continues to turn a blind eye.

“The Government must now step up to the plate and prove that it cares about protecting our endangered wildlife and our unique sanctuary.

Media Contact: Jann Stuckey 0439 755 919