Stuckey Demands Truth on Water

10 Mar 2010 3:56 PMJann Stuckey

10 March 2010

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP is demanding answers from the State Government about the costs to taxpayers of the troubled Tugun desalination plant while Hinze Dam is overflowing.

“Conflicting reports about the amount of water being pumped from the desalination plant raise further doubts about this Government’s competence in managing the SEQ Water Grid,” said Ms Stuckey.
“Residents are facing exorbitant water costs of $731 per megalitre, which equates to more than $32,000 per day if running at the capacity that WaterSecure claims.

“Meanwhile, ratepayers in the Currumbin electorate are not receiving desalinated water in their supply.

“Following the last week of rain, South East Queensland’s dams sit at a combined 94% capacity – yet residents are still having to pay for the ongoing operation of this still to be commissioned plant.
“There has been no assurance from the Bligh Government or its WaterSecure division that the numerous defects discovered at the plant last year have been fixed, despite my continued pressure to respond.

“Corroded pipes, meant to last 50 years, are being re-fitted although they are less than two years old.

“Now reports that high levels of methane gas have been detected in Little Nerang Dam, which is supplying drinking water to homes in the Currumbin Electorate during the Hinze Dam upgrades, are of major concern.

“Only a month ago residents in Currumbin complained of foul-smelling and dirty tasting water but we were told that it was safe to drink. 

“This Bligh Government simply cannot be trusted to provide Queenslanders with quality drinking water at a reasonable cost.

“Water is a necessity of life, however paying through the nose for a faulty desalination plant to supply to a grid with a 94% dam capacity at its disposal is not acceptable.


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