Stuckey highlights budget blunders

19 Jun 2009 3:36 PMJann Stuckey

19 June 2009

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP has used her budget reply address to highlight the effects the Labor government’s poor economic management will have on the Currumbin electorate.

“This slash and burn budget is a result of Labor squandering opportunities in the boom times of the past decade and not saving for a rainy day,” said Ms Stuckey

“We are in debt to the tune of $85 billion and the Government has no payment plan. That’s about $21,000 for every man woman and child in Currumbin.

“The LNP opposes Labor’s removal of the fuel subsidy and the selling off assets that belong to all Queenslanders in what can only be called a ‘fire sale’.

“Family budgets will be savaged and jobs lost because of these measures. People face tough enough times trying to stretch dwindling finances without added costs. 
“From this week’s budget we also learnt that the desalination plant will cost $95.5 million, almost $100 million, to repair and run in 2009-2010.”
“This plant is not yet running at full capacity and the need for desalinated water is no longer urgent, so just how extensive are the necessary repairs that are stopping the commissioning of this project.

“Premier Bligh’s government has no idea how to manage and deliver small projects on time and on budget, let alone one the size of the billion dollar desalination plant.

“Another example of Labor mismanagement is the Tugun Bypass.

“We waited 20 years for the Tugun bypass and what we got was Australia’s most expensive road at around $100 million a kilometre, yet after barely a year since opening we hear rumours of signs of corrosion in the tunnel’s metal frame work and glass sound panels are continually getting broken by vandals adding further costs to the taxpayer.

“The $1.5 million election promise for sand excavation works for Kirra is confirmed and it is to be hoped the community will finally be consulted about a long term strategy.

“However promises of $28 million to underground powerlines through Palm Beach and Currumbin look bleak as no funding appears in the budget for this to be done.

“This Bligh government continues to prove time and time again it is incapable of managing projects of this size and will force Queenslanders into further debt with their incompetence. “


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