Stuckey says bus attacks are putting lives in danger

13 Feb 2017 3:26 PMJann Stuckey

Recent figures from Surfside Buslines shows attacks on Gold Coast buses are escalating at an unprecedented rate, causing Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey to state the situation is out of control.

“There have been 16 attacks on local buses already this year and I am really concerned that lives are unnecessarily being put at stake as the frequency of these dangerous and potentially deadly attacks escalate,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Enough is enough! Throwing rocks and bricks was bad enough, but now we hear of reckless youths using lasers to obstruct the vision of bus drivers at night.

“Surfside have done all they can to curb these attacks but the Palaszczuk Government has been sitting on its hands as these incidents increase in number, severity and cost.

“Recently departed Transport Minister Stirling Hinchliffe’s response to these crimes was to hold a couple of bus safety forums – talkfests which have done nothing to improve the safety of drivers.

“Mr Hinchliffe has left this mess for the new minister to clean up, and I call on the state government to act now to protect drivers and passengers from further assaults.

“With the Commonwealth Games just around the corner, we must ensure safety is a top priority of the state government on our public transport.

“Our roads, especially the M1, are already gridlocked and this will worsen at Games time.  An efficient, reliable and safe bus transport network is paramount. 

“I urge the local Currumbin community to keep their eye out for any incidences of attacks on buses, and to dob in rock throwers to local police.

“Bus operators and Transport Workers Union members are demanding the Labor Government listen to them as they seek penalties for such offences increased, and in line with assaults on police and emergency service workers.”