Stuckey Secures Another Donation for Wildlife Hospital

16 Mar 2012 12:59 PMJann Stuckey

16 March 2012

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP has continued her unwavering support of the Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary by facilitating a $70,000 donation for the Wildlife Hospital from the Gold Coast business community.

“I am thrilled to announce another substantial generous donation has been gifted to the Currumbin Wildlife Hospital by World Tourism CEO Paul Whitehead,” Ms Stuckey said.

“World Tourism will be contributing $60,000 towards building a new hospital enclosure to house recovering animals, as well as an additional $10,000 for medical equipment and hospital supplies.

“This vital donation will go a long way to helping the Sanctuary and its Hospital, which faces increasing pressures from operating costs as the numbers of sick and injured animals requiring treatment soar year after year.

“Last year alone, over 200 koalas were admitted, and the Hospital treats on average 6,500 animals a year.

“The dedicated staff at the Hospital work tirelessly and yet the State Labor Government has never committed a cent towards the facility or its operation, with costs soaring up to $600,000 per year, instead insulting them by categorising them under the ‘Carers’ banner to receive little more than access to a wildlife Hotline.

“Were it not for the generosity of organisations like World Tourism, Senior Vet Michael Pyne says staff would have to reduce operating hours or turn away sick animals for lack of funding. 

“This would be devastating as the Hospital looks after animals across an enormous area covering much of the Gold Coast and northern NSW.

“I welcome this funding from World Tourism and encourage more potential donors to come forward and support the Hospital and this iconic Sanctuary.

Currumbin Wildlife Sanctuary CEO Jonathan Fisher added “Over the last four years that I have been at Currumbin, Jann has attended numerous meetings and encouraged many supporters out of the public eye to help the Wildlife Hospital and in particular our work with koalas.

“I applaud Jann for her consistent, no nonsense approach to the practical needs of our native wildlife and it is so refreshing to see politicians working for the common good in these times,” he said.

As Shadow Minister for Tourism, Ms Stuckey said she believes the Currumbin Sanctuary is important to the area as an international tourist attraction, while also sharing a special place in the hearts of locals and Gold Coast families. 

“I feel a deep bond with this place and will continue to do everything in my power to ensure its doors stay open for many years to come,” Ms Stuckey said.