Stuckey Slams Theme Park Bus Cuts

30 Jan 2018 4:27 PMJann Stuckey
Stuckey Slams Theme Park Bus Cuts


Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey has slammed the Palaszczuk government for cutting the TX1 bus service from Southern Gold Coast to the three theme parks.

"The direct TX1 route which collected passengers throughout the Currumbin electorate was cancelled on 8 January, by this incompetent Palaszczuk Government, right in the middle of school holidays," said Ms Stuckey.

"Travel times could almost be doubled with passengers forced onto multi transport modes.

"Before these cuts I could travel to any of the three theme parks in just over an hour without having to transfer services. Now I am forced to transfer twice and the journey could take up to two hours.

"From 8 January if you want to go to the theme parks from Currumbin you will have to get a bus and then a train and then a bus; or a bus and a tram and a bus. This is not only an inconvenience - especially for families with young children, but it will take longer.

"This ill-thought out decision once again shows that people on the Southern Gold Coast are being duded and treated like second class citizens by this Labor Government.

"The Palaszczuk Govt says it wants more people to use light rail – but the new system discourages the use of light rail, forcing people onto heavy rail, a system already facing problems with reliability and capacity.

"TransLink claim the changes have been made to avoid duplication with the tram but there's no tram south of Broadbeach - that's a hell of a long way for people to have to walk to catch light rail.

"These changes were made with little or no consultation. My office was only notified of the cancelled services on 4 January – just 4 days before the service stopped.

"The Labor Government might call this consultation – I call it a disgrace and yet another hopeless public transport mess – we all remember the ongoing train driver debacle and journey delays.

"All that we, on the southern GC, are asking for is timely, reliable public transport.

"With the Commonwealth Games just around the corner and our electorate hosting three events we deserve better treatment than this.


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