Stuckey Stands Up For Robbery Victims

9 Sep 2011 9:42 AMJann Stuckey

9 September 2011

Jann Stuckey, Member for Currumbin, stood up for the victims of recent armed robberies across the Gold Coast during debate on the Bligh Government’s Weapons Amendment Bill in state Parliament this week.

The Weapons Amendment Bill proposed changes to definitions of certain weapons and increased penalties for misuse of weapons, but its main target is law-abiding licensed shooters, not criminals using illegal firearms.

“Despite talking tough, this soft-on-crime Labor Government has continually failed to address the spiralling crime rates across our state,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Labor’s amendments to the Weapons Act do nothing to address the serious issue of gun and weapons-related crime, which has soared on the Gold Coast.

“The Bligh Government sat on its hands while this spate of frightening crimes wreaked havoc through our suburbs.

“Only when the public pressure and media hounded them did they allocate more police resources, and guess what, the armed robberies suddenly stopped.

“Now the 50 borrowed police officers have left our city, and the criminals have again come out of hibernation to target more vulnerable businesses. 

“A number of businesses in the Currumbin electorate have been in the firing line of these lowly thugs, some forced to take matters into their own hands to ward off these cowardly opportunists.

“Queensland’s hardworking business owners need a government that will provide proper funding, proper resources and proper sentencing laws to address this serious issue. 

“The LNP believes the State Government should focus on overhauling sections of the Penalties and Sentences Act so tougher laws are directed at actual criminals.

“Instead, Labor’s amendments will send the Queensland weapons licensing branch after performing arts groups and replica firearms, instead of tracking down the thousands of illegal firearms used in crimes.