Stuckey supports local police initiative in schools

27 Aug 2009 11:04 AMJann Stuckey

August 27 2009

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP has welcomed news that two schools in the Currumbin electorate are trialling a joint school-based Police liaison officer.

“Constable Emily Pyke has been appointed to work between Elanora SHS and Palm Beach Currumbin SHS. Emily’s role allows her to go out into the electorate and participate in truancy patrols and the like and she has already caught youth offending during school hours.” said Ms Stuckey
“I congratulate our local police for getting around the Government’s do nothing attitude and stepping in with their own initiative.

“In recent years I have called on the Government many times to support a school-based police officer for our two big high schools as they have a positive influence in the school community that curbs incidences of bullying and truancy. 

“Each request was denied and I was advised that funding for the school-based police officer program had been cut indefinitely and no more police appointments to schools would be made.

“In recent years I have brought together key stakeholders on a number of occasions to come up with ideas that would deter bullying, truancy and general anti-social behaviour.

“Outcomes from these meetings have always included the installation of a school-based police officer as part of an overall community plan to tackle problems.

“Recent behaviour at local shopping centres by unruly school children has seen the police make provision for a police booth at intermittent times

“These actions came about without any assistance from the Bligh Labor Government and were a direct result of strong police and community relationships.”

“Positive reports are already coming on of less school fights and a reduction in truancy rates since Emily commenced her duties.

“It is to be hoped Emily’s role will be extended in the future.


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