Stuckey takes M1 fight to parliament

17 Feb 2017 11:55 AMJann Stuckey

A petition signed by 10,353 Queenslanders requesting the state government to include upgrades of the southern M1 in funding discussions has been debated in parliament today, led by Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey.


Ms Stuckey accused Main Roads Minister Mark Bailey of ignoring southern Gold Coast residents by failing to commit to a business case for this section of the M1 despite increasing congestion on a daily basis.


“I’ve asked the Minister a series of questions on behalf of local residents but he has deliberately played politics, refusing to give straight answers,” Ms Stuckey said.


“Without a business case we are not on the radar and Minister Bailey knows it. He is playing a cruel game of cat and mouse.


“In response to a Question on Notice I asked the minister last year, he pointed me to a draft priority investment strategy, a document which is not yet publicly available.


“Further digging revealed the department planned to consult MPs in early 2017 before the document would be released publicly, but I’m still waiting to be contacted about a briefing.


“This is yet another stalling tactic from this minister, but the people of Currumbin and the southern Gold Coast won’t be fooled – we remember the 20 year debacle that was the Tugun Bypass.


“Despite Labor being in power for 16 of the last 19 years in Queensland, correspondence reveals it was in fact the LNP in 2012 who put in a submission and application for $20M to undertake project planning for sections of the M1 – including Varsity Lakes to Tugun.


“By not including us in their M1 business case, which would obtain firm costings for this section of motorway, we won’t see action for another ten years.


“This Minister has been caught out ducking and weaving to avoid having to admit he’s had his finger on the pause button for the M1 through the Currumbin electorate to Tugun.


“Unlike Labor I will keep fighting for residents who live on the Southern Gold Coast who are sick and tired of sitting in gridlock every day.”