Stuckey Warns Tweed – Hands off Tugun Water

11 Feb 2010 4:11 PMJann Stuckey

11 February 2010

TWEED residents should lobby their own state government for an improved water supply rather than turn to Queensland for a solution.

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey MP dismissed suggestions that water from the Tugun Desalinisation Plant be diverted across the Tweed.

“The desalination plant is not even functioning fully and Currumbin residents are not receiving any water from it despite paying higher water rates,” said Ms Stuckey

“I think the Tweed Shire Council has a bit of cheek proposing that a pipeline link Tweed suburbs to the southeast Queensland water grid via the Tugun desalination plant.

“They were notably silent when the NSW government nearly put an end to the Tugun By-pass by refusing to commit state funds to the project.

“Queensland has committed itself to projects which are mutually beneficial to citizens on either side of the border, but when the boot is on the other foot the NSW government is usually found wanting.”

Ms Stuckey said there were abundant water supplies in the NSW northern rivers region which could be harnessed for future needs.

“The northern rivers region is experiencing rapid population growth for the same reasons that South-East Queensland is growing,” she said.

“The NSW government needs to bite the bullet and begin investing in infrastructure projects to meet future growth needs in their own state.

“Despite all the economic woes of the NSW Labor government, they should not expect Queensland to carry the can for their own infrastructure needs.


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