Survey highlights Games discontent in Currumbin

8 Feb 2018 1:39 PMJann Stuckey Survey highlights Games discontent in Currumbin

Member for Currumbin Jann Stuckey claims that residents and businesses in her Currumbin electorate are being kept in the dark by GOLDOC organisers about arrangements for the Commonwealth Games.

“People and businesses in Currumbin feel that they are being treated like mushrooms when it comes to telling them what’s happening in Currumbin during the Games,” said Ms Stuckey.

“Growing frustration from residents and small businesses in my Currumbin electorate prompted me to send out an email survey to constituents to gauge pre Commonwealth Games sentiment and how well people felt they had been informed by organisers.

“The response was surprising and revealed that GOLDOC and the Palaszczuk Government have failed to properly inform people what they can expect during Games time.

“The games are only 55 days away and almost ninety per cent of respondents still don’t know what’s happening.”

“I had sensed a growing disquiet and negativity building in our community but I was taken aback by the number of replies and comments. Countless small businesses are angry that they are not being told what they needed to know in order to decide whether to keep their doors open and provide their services during the Games.

“Straightforward questions about access for staff and patrons and transport options were being ignored and people were told to look at the Get Set for the Games website. When they did they got even angrier as the information they so desperately needed was not there.

“Little wonder many feel they’ve been sold a pup – we were not told until Sunday 3 Feb that some locations like Pacific Parade would be shut down for 2 weeks but all local road closures will not be available until March.

“We were told it’s only a couple of days for the trials and the race itself – so suck it up!

“Well I think it’s time they sucked it up and showed some leadership and some understanding.

Survey results summary:

  • Of the 300 survey replies a staggering 88% said they did not feel informed or up to date with changes that would take place
  • 68% did not know how to access information
  • Of the 37% who had accessed the Games website only 10% found the information they were looking for
  • 32% are planning to go away during the games
  • 127 businesses responded – over half have had to alter their trading hours

Below are some of the comments people made in the survey:

  • “Concerns from Red Cross and Meals on Wheels about deliveries.”
  • “Wedding business put out of business for entire April as unable to get accommodation – said they couldn’t book under $1000 a night for past year.”
  • “We should have been told long ago about this.”
  • “Clients come to my home so I cannot take any.”
  • “Children’s sporting activities changed – no communication leading up to advising of changes.”
  • “Currumbin Creek Road business will lose about $10 k.”
  • “Interaction from organisers has been very poor.”
  • “Operates a fire protection business 24/7 and gets a call out anytime - looks after 900 buildings on GC – how do they carry out this work?”
  • “Will have to cancel business conducted in Brisbane – 2 staff taking unpaid leave.”
  • “I have tickets to the hockey April 14 – have a disability and can’t walk far, reliant on my car – website tells you nothing about how to get there (note: wait until this person realises they are locked in from 5am until 6pm on 14 April!).”