Bob betrays builders for bureaucrats at QBuild

14 Jul 2010 11:40 AMJann StuckeyNews, Public Works & ICT

13 July 2010

Bureaucrats fared better than builders at QBuild under Minister Robert Schwarten, the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister for Public Works Jann Stuckey said QBuild shed 143 trade qualified staff in the past 12 months but added 26 extra bureaucrats.

“While Minister Schwarten has been asleep at the wheel, QBuild has added 26 extra bureaucrats at the expense of 13 per cent of its...

Schwarten fails again on school asbestos removal

21 Jun 2010 2:31 PMJann StuckeyPublic Works & ICT

19 June 2010

A review into a series of incidents that exposed Mackay school students to asbestos has revealed the Bligh Labor Government failed to act on sloppy handling procedures despite previous warnings, the State Opposition said today.

LNP Shadow Minister for Public Works Jann Stuckey said the damning independent report had been released less than 12 months after an incident at a...

Everyone gets paid but Queensland Health workers

21 Jun 2010 2:23 PMJann StuckeyPublic Works & ICT

18 June 2010

While Queensland Health struggled to pay its staff properly and on time, international IT ‘experts’ were being paid top-dollar to attempt to fix the QH pay fiasco, the LNP said today.

Shadow Minister for Information and Communication Technology Jann Stuckey said Queensland taxpayers were again being made to foot the bill for yet another attempt to end the ongoing disaster...

Ban builders until collusion allegations investigated

24 May 2010 11:35 PMJann StuckeyPublic Works & ICT

24 May 2010TWO companies who have admitted secretly discussing prices for government tenders should be banned from all government tenders until the matter has been fully investigated, the LNP said today.LNP spokeswoman for Public Works Jann Stuckey said the admission by building companies JM Kelly and TF Woollam in Brisbane’s Federal Court raised serious concerns about the probity of the Bligh...

Former Minister for Nothing jumps sinking IT ship

20 Apr 2010 10:10 AMJann StuckeyNews

20 April 2010Former Queensland Minister for Nothing Chris Cummins has decided to jump Robert Schwarten’s sinking IT ship and park himself for yet another tilt at political office.Shadow Minister for Public Works Jann Stuckey said the man who had achieved a rare notoriety as the minister without responsibility would be a great loss to the disaster-prone office of Public Works and Information...

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