9 Apr 2008 3:11 PMJann Stuckey

9 April 2008

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey today congratulated three local students Timothy Gear, Benjamin Naday and Leigh Moran on their selection for the 2008 Queensland Youth Parliament.

“Queensland Youth Parliament is a unique opportunity for young people aged 15 to 25 to participate in a youth forum where they can express their views and contribute to their community whilst gaining first hand experience in Parliamentary proceedings,” said Ms Stuckey.

“I am thrilled that the youth in the Currumbin electorate have demonstrated such a keen and positive attitude to this initiative. Having three teenagers selected from here displays the keen interest our youth are prepared to take in state affairs.

“Youth parliament is a terrific opportunity for young people to develop their skills and talents whilst becoming more socially conscious. It is really inspiring to see young people standing up to have a say on issues that affect us all and wanting to contribute to their future and the future of Queensland.

About the students:

Timothy Gear, a school captain at Elanora High School, will be representing the Currumbin electorate. He has observed the mood of his generation and their reactions to the developments in Currumbin over the years and believes it is important that their views, needs, and desires are expressed as they will soon be adults in the Currumbin community.

Benjamin Naday, a student at St Andrews College, aims to give a voice to the young people of the Burleigh electorate he is representing and is looking forward to sharing ideas and working together with the other representatives to raise youth issues. He has been awarded the St Andrews College Peace Award as recognition for his contribution to humanitarian activities and is also a member of the Gold Coast Youth Council.

Griffith University student and social justice advocate, Leigh Moran, will be representing the Southport electorate and is looking forward to increasing his knowledge of Parliament, improving his public speaking and learning about other young people from across Queensland. His main interests include the environment, poverty and banning depleted uranium weapons. He is also extensively involved in
World Vision and V-gen.

 “Our local representatives are all very talented and well deserving of this exciting opportunity and I know they will gain a wealth of knowledge and experience from their participation, in addition to having a lot of fun,” Ms Stuckey said.

“I wish them all the best for their participation in this wonderful initiative and in their future endeavours.”