Toughest hooning laws in Australia

17 Apr 2013 10:10 AMJann Stuckey

17 April 2013

Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP has spoken in strong support of Queensland legislation introducing the toughest hooning laws in Australia.

In support of the Police Powers and Responsibilities (Motor Vehicle Impoundment) and Other Legislation Amendment Bill 2012 that passed through state parliament last night Ms Stuckey said, “The ‘Putting the Brakes on Hoons’ policy is part of the Newman Government’s ‘Safer Streets Crime Action Plan’; a commitment to ensuring our communities are a safe place to live. 

“Traffic offences commonly associated with hooning and also evade police offences will see impoundment sanctions increased to 90 days for the first offence and forfeiture (confiscated and sold or crushed) of the vehicle for a subsequent offence. 

“Offences associated with unlicensed, unregistered driving and high end spending will see penalties increased for the second offence to 7 days impoundment, for the third offence 90 days impoundment and for a subsequent offence forfeiture of the vehicle.

“In 2008 I launched the Hoon Watch Initiative in response to frequent complaints of hooning in our local streets and extensive consultation with the community and local police officers.  This initiative allowed concerned residents to actively participate in the process and assist in determining those who were disobeying the law

“In spite of this there just simply wasn’t the legislative backing from the Labor Government needed to get the message across to offenders.  With this passage of this legislation the police finally have the ability to adequately penalise offenders. 

“We now have the full force of the law to throw at those who continue to engage in this deplorable behaviour that Queenslanders absolutely should not have to tolerate.

“I have said it before and I will say it again; criminals should be afraid of this government, they should clean up their act or get out of Queensland.

Laws will not come into effect for six months to allow sufficient time for details to be finalised and a process of community education.


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Discussing hooning with Michael Hart and a concerned resident in 2012.