Truth needed on Racing Queensland’s finances

4 Jun 2015 3:41 PMJann Stuckey

Premier Palaszczuk needs to come clean and table evidence about the true state of Racing Queensland’s finances after the former chair revealed discrepancies about the Premier’s comments in Parliament.

Shadow Racing Minister Jann Stuckey said the former Chair of Racing Queensland, Kevin Dixon was on radio this morning and identified inconsistencies with the Premier’s statement on the MacSporran report.

“Allegations by the Premier of a $21 million ‘black hole’ in the organisation’s budget was labelled ‘fictitious’ by Mr Dixon since budget deliberations were not due to commence until next week,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Mr Dixon also revealed the Premier’s promise to pass on Racing Queensland’s financial details to the Auditor-General is pointless given he sits on the Racing Queensland Finance Committee.

“These revelations show the Premier needs to come clean and be honest with Queenslanders.

“Today I am calling on the Premier to table evidence to substantiate her claims about Racing Queensland’s finances in the Parliament.

“The last thing the racing industry needed ahead of one of the biggest days on Queensland’s racing calendar, AAMI Stradbroke Day, is a Labor Government destabilising the industry in an attempt to score cheap political points.”

Ms Stuckey said it is also disappointing if the government is using the report as a political tool to sweep out racing board members appointed by the LNP.

“While there were 15 recommendations that have not been acted on yet, the Premier and Racing Minister were quick out of the blocks to sack all Racing Queensland boards,” she said.

“It is shameful that Minister Byrne did not have the decency to pick up the phone to board members himself but not surprising as the Minister has been the ‘invisible man’, barely meeting with anyone from the industry.”

Ms Stuckey said racing in Queensland is a major contributor to our economy and the actions of the Premier and Racing Minister have shown just how out of their depth they are.

“Queenslanders deserve a government that is capable of putting politics aside to make sound decisions that make our great state even better. It’s clear that Labor isn’t up to it.”


[ENDS] 4 June 2015