Use a face mask in the clean-up

15 Jan 2011 9:28 AMJann Stuckey

15 December 2010

HOMEOWNERS and volunteers have been urged to wear face masks to minimise potential asbestos risks during the flood clean-up.

LNP Shadow Minister for Industrial Relations Jann Stuckey said clean-ups, particular of older homes, could carry potential risk of asbestos exposure.

“I strongly urge anyone who is removing flood damaged flooring, walls and ceilings to be aware of any potential asbestos risks and wear face masks,” Ms Stuckey said.

“Paper masks are available at hardware stores and pharmacies for a few dollars and should be worn as a precaution.

”While wet asbestos containing materials are a much lower risk than dry materials, fibres can still easily rub off onto hands and clothes.”

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