Visit to Currumbin Ecovillage

19 Mar 2010 3:35 PMJann Stuckey

19 March 2010

Queensland’s Shadow Minister for Sustainability, Glen Elmes, yesterday visited the Gold Coast’s only Green Living Display as a guest of local member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP.

Located at the entrance to The Ecovillage at Currumbin in Currumbin Valley, the Interpretive Centre display showcases the best sustainable products and services available for people to use in their existing homes or if building.

Ms Stuckey, a long term resident of Currumbin herself said “It’s important that politicians in these environmental portfolios get to see places that stand out for their leadership in this field. The Ecovillage has won the World’s Best Environmental Development. It is a benchmark in sustainability.”

In his role as a leader in Sustainability, Mr Elmes said “It is so important that the plethora of information about solar power, water efficiency and other sustainable items is made easy to understand.” He added “Having this information at your fingertips and being accessible in a centre such as this is a real boon for the public.”

The display, known as Innovation Estate Interpretive Centre,  is a collaboration between the Ecovillage and Gold Coast City Council to allow free public visitation.

Displays within the Centre focus on greening of homes and include solar panels and information, house designs and features to create a comfortable and healthy home, water efficient fittings and many other products. There are reference libraries and take home handouts.

Staff at the Display Centre are owners and residents of The Ecovillage  –  all having firsthand experience in designing, building and living in a sustainable home. Many have no electricity bills and all have a wealth of information to share with visitors.

Mr Elmes commented on the displays “What can be seen here is a practical demonstration about how to live sustainably; how to convert sustainability ‘speak’ into reality. This is the way of the future – but it’s about sharing it in practical terms now.”
On a guided tour of the entire Ecovillage estate, Mr Elmes was full of praise for what is being achieved by the developers and residents. “Right here on the Gold Coast, in this place, there are people who are water and energy self-sufficient. They live in stylish homes which illustrate that sustainability can be achieved without compromising on lifestyle. This is really showing the way.”

“Gold Coast City Council is to be applauded for their sponsorship of this centre, which is a learning centre for green living.”

The Innovation Estate Interpretive Centre is located at 639 Currumbin Creek Road, Currumbin Valley. It is open 7 days from 11am – 3pm and is free to the public.