Whoops! Labor forgot to include security in the payroll contract

19 May 2010 9:58 AMJann Stuckey

19 May 2010

The Minister for Public Works has confessed the Bligh Labor Government often has to amend contracts, after they were signed, because the government’s own requirements were left out, the Opposition said today.

LNP spokeswoman for Public Works Jann Stuckey said the confession was astounding and proved the whole Queensland Health payroll program was mismanaged from the start.

“When confronted with CorpTech’s request to amend a contract that did not meet mandatory government security requirements, the Minister admitted it was not unusual to have to make these kinds of changes,” Ms Stuckey said.

“This is not a variation that was required due to changing circumstances, this is mandatory requirement that the Government simply forgot about when signing the contract.”

Ms Stuckey said the WorkBrain application failed to meet the mandatory IS 18 Information Security standard required of all Queensland Government software.

“The requirement to change was claimed to be a ‘Missed Business Requirement’.

“If the Government misses fundamental basics such as this — no wonder the result has seen a payroll system that for 10 weeks has been unable to pay Queensland Heath workers.

“When you buy a car you ensure it has four wheels and an engine.

“This Minister has bought a car without checking it even had an engine and he’s now trying to say that’s perfectly normal.

“This is why Queensland Health Staff have been dudded by the incompetence of the Bligh Labor Government.

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