Youth Crime to Get Boot from LNP

14 Mar 2012 10:19 AMJann Stuckey

14 March 2012

An LNP pledge to trial a Youth Boot Camp Diversion Program and deliver extra school and community based police will help break the cycle of youth crime LNP Member for Currumbin, Jann Stuckey MP said.

“Campbell Newman has announced an LNP Government would deliver more school and community based police officers across Queensland and initiate a ‘boot camp’ trial to divert young offenders away from traditional detention,” Ms Stuckey said.

“While the LNP will be tough on the worst of our young criminals, we also believe that, where possible, we should try to intervene at the community level before these troubled young people get caught in the revolving door of crime and detention.

“Under this tired, 20 year Labor Government, youth crime has spun out of control and the numbers of police officers in our schools has stalled.

“An LNP Government will revive school and community based policing by delivering 15 more positions across Queensland, that would see 50 schools with a school and community based police officer within 3 years. 

“We will also introduce a trial boot camp for juveniles convicted of offences who would otherwise face custodial sentences to instead be diverted into an intensive three-month program.

“The LNP’s Youth Boot Camp Diversion Program would target offenders at risk of falling into more serious crime, adopting a whole-of-family approach to support young offenders through rehabilitation and follow-up mentoring and supervision.

“Local police in my electorate have praised the LNP for their initiative and say these policies have ‘hit the nail on the head’.

“They agree there is an urgent need to focus on and improve working family relationships, which is the key to the success of these programs.

“School-based policing is not new to the Currumbin electorate as I have worked very hard to secure a School Liaison Officer to address the spiraling youth crime rates in the area.

“As a result, a range of education and early intervention programs have been delivered in our schools with enormous success.   

“I will be talking with my local schools and police to gauge their support for a trial of the Youth Boot Camp Diversion Program in Currumbin.

“Labor have not only dropped the ball on law and order, they have also dropped the ball on our at-risk youth.

“Only the LNP and Campbell Newman have a plan to curb youth crime.

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