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Posted On: 1 Jun 2017

I rise to proudly support the motion moved by the honourable member for Everton. Who on earth was that minister trying to fool? I have to tell honourable members that the people of Queensland are smarter than that and we have actually got the facts to prove it. Nothing has changed. Labor governments, one after the other, have been soft on crime. It is in their DNA and this Palaszczuk government is no different to any other. Crime in Queensland is rising—fact, F-A-C-T—but all we get from this lazy, sit-on-their-hands, do-nothing government is review after review after review. The crooks are laughing.

Last night I spoke about crime in my electorate and the fact that two Lone Wolf bikie members wearing no colours in broad daylight thumped the living daylights out of somebody leaving a pub at 4.30 in the afternoon in the street in Coolangatta. They have no fear of the laws that this government has brought in—

Opposition members interjected.

Mr SPEAKER: Pause the clock. I apologise, member for Currumbin, but your own side is making it difficult for me to actually hear. If I cannot hear, I am certain Hansard cannot hear to accurately record what you are saying.

Mrs STUCKEY: They are excited. As the shadow minister said, on 12 May the Courier-Mail said that crims think that we are a joke. I do not know if the minister does not read the paper, but there is a very strong message being sent there. We know it has gotten to a really bad state when a senior police officer says that crime is out of control and apologised to Queenslanders for letting them down. Crime is up, morale is down; that sends a very bad message to Queensland. Our Auditor-General reports into crime data reveal figures that should shame members of the Palaszczuk government. Not one but two reports from the Auditor-General, one tabled in November 2016 and the other in April 2017, paint a very frightening truth about poor data collection that is putting society at risk. Prisoners are being released early or late. Who cares? Members opposite do not. The report also states that figures are being fudged. Police are getting victims to withdraw complaints and are altering crime data statistics. Who ordered this? The Premier, the minister or the commissioner? Did they order our police to do this in order to try to deceive the general public? The report used words like ‘questionable stats’ and ‘unreliable data’.

I would like to place on record the praise I have for my two stations, Coolangatta and Palm Beach. My officers have told me that there is no way, no matter what pressure was put on them, that they would participate in anything like this. The LNP have a proven track record of being tough on crime, especially organised crime. I should know because I have the unfortunate reputation of having a bikie clubhouse still owned in my electorate. We had laws that were working. They vanished off the scene. Confidence in citizens on the Gold Coast was restored. However, Labor have rolled out the red carpet to criminal gangs and organised crime is now set to flourish again. We see clubhouses set to spring up.

Every term of government I do an electorate-wide survey. It costs a lot of money to do and I get 3,000 respondents. I have done five of them and all but one had law and order as the most important issue. The term that it was not No. 1 was when the LNP was in government. But by mid-2015 guess what? Law and order was back up there at No. 1. I asked my residents whether they wanted to see our laws repealed and do honourable members know what they said? No; 92 per cent of 3,000 people said no, they did not want our tough bikie laws repealed.

I want to spend a minute or so on youth crime, and I spoke about this last night. They are becoming more brazen. Kids barely in their teens are committing car hijacks, assaults and armed hold-ups—not hardened crims but kids, 12-, 13- and 14-year-olds. I am really glad the minister was here earlier—and I hope he is listening—because we do not need a review to know that we need a school based police officer in Currumbin. We need them elsewhere, too. In October 2012 the LNP announced 15 additional school based police officers. There have been none for five years and none are planned. They create a positive interaction with students at a young age in our schools and forge close working relationships with school staff. They provide positive role models and become involved in schools’ curriculum by giving students crime prevention and safety advice.

Tonight in this House I call on the minister to reactivate the school based police officer program and approve one for the two high schools in Currumbin. Failure to do so is to turn his back on the welfare of our students.

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