MOTION TO TAKE NOTE - M1 PETITION | 16 February 2017

Posted On: 17 Feb 2017

I move that the House take note of petition Nos 2669 and 2640 tabled on 29 November 2016.

This paper petition and e-petition from 10,355 petitioners requests the House to ensure that the M1 from Varsity Lakes to Tugun is included in current funding discussions to upgrade this major road infrastructure and to provide a business case to obtain firm costings for this section. I am grateful for the opportunity to raise an issue of enormous significance to the people of the Currumbin electorate and surrounds and that is the desperate need to widen the M1 all the way to Tugun. In doing so, I acknowledge and recognise all of the 10,353 petitioners who signed either the e-petition or paper petition and the principal petitioner Luke Dean.

Without a business case we are not on the radar and Minister Bailey knows it. He is playing a cruel game of cat and mouse.

I have asked the minister a series of questions on behalf of local residents, but he has deliberately played politics, refusing to give straight answers and showing once and for all that he could not care less about relieving the congestion we suffer daily, at any time of the day, not just during peak hour.

In the answer to question on notice 1991 of 2016 the minister talks of a draft Brisbane to Gold Coast strategy to guide priority investment over the next 10 years, but when I tried to find it it was not there. The library searched and advised the document was not publicly available. They said that DTMR planned to consult with federal and state MPs in early 2017 before finalising it for ministerial approval and public release. It is mid-February and I am still waiting for my briefing on this. Yet another stalling tactic or has the minister forbidden it?

The Department of Transport and Main Roads did not even advise me of roadworks on the M1 at Palm Beach in my electorate. Was this at the request of the same minister? When I found out that $1.9 million of major excavation roadworks at Palm Beach on the M1 was to erect safety barriers, I questioned why the state government was not maximising taxpayers’ money and widening this section at the same time. I acknowledged the need for safety on our roads, but that did not stop this bullyboy minister twisting the truth to avoid responsibility for widening the M1 to Tugun. Hundreds of people I speak to are fuming when they learn the works were not to widen this congested motorway. Even the workers putting in the barriers questioned why the government was not widening the road saying that they will just have to come back and rip it up.

My recent comments slamming this government’s poor planning practices must have struck a nerve as the minister personally attacked me as he tried to deflect from the real issue. Bailey’s attempt to shoot the messenger will not fool the people of Currumbin, and I will keep fighting for them. He wants to play the blame game, but he is quick to forget that Labor has been in power for 16 of the last 19 years in Queensland. He is part of a succession of Labor governments that have failed to build infrastructure in South-East Queensland.

What of the then minister’s promise in estimates 2010 during the Main Roads hearing when he stated that Labor was doing everything in its power to tackle congestion? He stated—

There is almost $1 billion to upgrade the Pacific Motorway between the Gateway and Tugun to give a smoother, swifter and more seamless ride. We are slashing travel times.

Well, we are still waiting. Correspondence from the Minister for Main Roads to the member for Burleigh on 7 December 2015 revealed it was the LNP who not only submitted a business case for the Mudgeeraba to Varsity section of the M1 in 2012 but also included a submission and application for $20 million to undertake project planning for Varsity Lakes to Tugun and between the Gateway and Logan Motorway.

The minister’s comment ‘Please be assured that the Palaszczuk government will continue to highlight the need for federal funding to enable the staged and timely upgrading of the M1’ is an outright farce. We do not even appear in the Infrastructure pipeline report, December 2016, which lists the top 20 projects. I table a copy of that document.

Tabled paper: Building Queensland, Infrastructure Pipeline Report: December 2016.

This minister has been caught out ducking and weaving to avoid having to admit that he has had his finger on the pause button for the M1, and he has not had the guts to admit it, instead choosing to use typical bullyboy tactics to avoid responsibility for widening the M1 to Tugun.

Together with my colleague the member for Burleigh, I will keep fighting for the residents on the southern Gold Coast who are sick and tired of sitting in gridlock every day. In less than three months 10,353 signatures were gathered. If New South Wales residents had been allowed to sign, this figure would have been double such is the frustration of those who live on the southern Gold Coast and rely on the M1. Congestion will only get worse as the section between Mudgeeraba and Varsity is upgraded.

Welcome from Jann

As the State Member for Currumbin since 2004 we have achieved much together to make the place we call home an even better and safer community.

It truly is an honour to serve the caring and connected residents of Currumbin.

Your thoughts and concerns matter to me and I look forward to continuing to be a strong voice on your behalf.

My electorate office staff and I are here to help you with state government issues.

Kind regards


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